The Second phase of the University spans the period 1948-1968, when in 1968 the University celebrated its ‘Golden Jubilee’. The year 1948 was historic for two reasons. In the first place, the princely State of Hyderabad became a part of new Independent India. Synchronizing with this event, the University cast a lingering backward glance, took the best of the traditions on which it was founded, and turned towards the future. As part of this process Urdu was replaced by English as the medium of instruction. The University witnessed unprecedented increase, both in the number of disciplines and the number of students. The new Departments created during this phase, include Hindi (1948-49), Political Science (1947-48), Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (1949), Journalism (1954), Chemical Engineering (1951), Public Administration (1956), Library Science (1959), Electronics and Communication Engineering (1959), Statistics (1966), Genetics (1966), and Geophysics (1967). In order to give an impetus to the learning of foreign languages, the University started Diploma programmes in French and German (1954-55) and Italian (1957-58). As the number of Social Science Departments increased, the Faculty of Social Sciences was carved out from the Faculty of Arts in 1964-65, in order to give them a better identity..

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