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The bitcoin apostles who conquered El Salvador

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The selection of the Pachakutik candidate was not without tensions. The decision that the candidate should finally be Yaku Pérez did not seem consistent with the dynamics and leadership that took place in the October mobilizations. Among them, two actors stood out: Leónidas Iza and Jaime Vargas. Both seemed capable of representing popular interests and turning the government model around. In fact, in the voting intention measurements for the Presidency of the first months of 2020, the two leaders were almost on a par with Correa and Jaime Nebot (Christian social leader). 


The leaders of the Indigenous and Peasant Movement of Cotopaxi (MICC) and Conaie denounced processes that were not Special Database very  democratic in the appointment of Pérez as a candidate for the Presidency. The dynamics of the party prevailed over that of the movement. According to the criteria of aan analyst close to Pachakutik , the electoral performance in the territory would have been privileged.


The tensions between the movement and its political arm were put in parentheses and the organic work in the territory was evident with the historic vote obtained by Pérez in the first round (19.39%, the best result of the party in a presidential election). , with just 32,000 votes less than Lasso, and obtaining the second block in the National Assembly (26 legislators). His candidacy was also reinforced by the support of 80% of voters against mining activities in the páramo in the referendum organized in the city of Cuenca.

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